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Improved line of window hardware Komfort Line K-3 – SMART & QUICK

Improved line of window hardware Komfort Line K-3 – SMART & QUICK

Dear partners, new from AXOR – improved line of window hardware Komfort Line K-3 – SMART & QUICK!

This is combination of high quality, additional possible configurations and increased level of anti-burglary. This is all about Komfort Line K-3 – SMART & QUICK. In addition, it has become even more convenient to assemble, what will be highly appreciated by window manufacturers.

Familiarize yourself with the main advantages of updated K-3 SMART & QUICK line:

• Higher stiffness of the profile section provides 5% higher resistance to its bending;

• Locking cams are located 0.25 mm lower, so installation of micro ventilation and security locking plates will be more convenient;

• Ability to combine with S+ system without using an additional element;

• Changed face plate provides impeccable appearance that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers;

• Increased sizes of gears and stay arm allow window producers to use both straight-cut and eccentric-cut cutting tools;

• Improved connection of gears and stay arm with corner  transmissions due to location of driving rod at 0.25 mm lower;

• The presence of corner transmissions for eccentric cut will satisfy  needs of window manufacturers, for whom it is convenient to assemble window hardware with a two-plane connection.

SMART & QUICK is the constant quality of AXOR Industry products, speed of assembly and versatility in use.